Which Personal Subscription plan is right for me?

We offer three Personal plans which range from offering individual features and 200 to 1000 Credits per month.
The best place to learn about the differences between our plans is on our plans page.

We have some additional guidance below:

All our plans include monthly roll-over of unused credits, access to concept assets and full access to the MattePaint academy.

  • Artist-Lite
    • Best for Hobbyists who are looking to get started in the digital art world.
    • JPG file access only
    • 8,000px Max resolution HDRI's
  • Artist-Plus
    • Best for Artists and Hobbyists looking to download images regularly, 
    • Access to Multi-Resolution RAW files as well as JPG's
    • 16,000px Max resolution HDRI's
  • Artist-Pro (best value)
    • Best for Artists and Professionals looking for full access with plenty of download capacity
    • Access to 32bit Linear EXR's in addition to the RAW and JPG options
    • 24,000px Max resolution HDRI's. 
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