How to submit a support ticket

If are running into technical issues with your subscription, you can submit a support ticket

Please make sure to provide screenshots and where possible. Console logs and .HAR files are a huge benefit to us too. Instructions on how to collect each are below.

For those not using the Chrome browser, the process is similar for all other browsers, however each browser may have a slightly different way of accessing the developer window. Google is your friend!

Console Logs (Chrome Browser)

To retrieve a console log:

- open the ' developer window' by pressing F12 on your keyboard while viewing the matte paint website. 
- In this window you will see a tab named " Console". Open this tab
- Next, perform the actions to produce the error you are reporting.
- Lastly, right click in the console area and choose "save as" and send this file to us.

.HAR Files (Chrome Browser)

The .HAR file allows us to see, in detail, the processes and issues that you are running into. They are a fantastic resource for troubleshooting and everyone should know how to save them. The process is very simple:

- Perform the same steps as above, ensuring that you reproduce steps to create the error you're encountering.
- Open the " Network" tab
- Right click and select "Save all as HAR with content"
- Submit this file with your Ticket.

Taking these steps should only take a moment and will ensure we can troubleshoot the problem to our best ability and often with no further steps needed by you.

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